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Otology and Biomechanics of Hearing

Otology and Biomechanics of Hearing

The research group “Otology and Biomechanics of Hearing” consists of members with medical, engineering, and biological backgrounds involved in basic research and translational projects with the aim to improve hearing of patients. Expertise includes extensive experience in otologic research (particularly in the field of middle-inner-ear physiology and electrophysiology) and in sensor technology development.


Weiterführende Informationen

[24.05.2023] Our researchers very much enjoyed the HEARING meeting in Ascona!

[16.02.2023] A few of our group members took part in the ARO MidWinter Meeting in Orlando, Florida this year. They presented some of our latest work and enjoyed fruitful discussions.


[27.04.2023] Tahmine Farahmandi defended her PhD work today, which focused on bone conduction hearing. We are happy to announce that she successfully passed the defense!


[28.03.2023] Nuwan Liyanage successfully defended his PhD thesis! His work contributed to the development of a fully implantable cochlear implant, and in addition, he studied the effect of cochlear implants on tinnitus relief. 


[25.11.2022] We are happy to announce that our SNF grant application "Computing human head elastic waves for bone-anchored hearing aids (CHEWBACHA) - Finite element modeling based on micro-macro validation measurements", in collaboration with our partners from EMPA, has been approved. We are looking forward to starting this exciting new project in March 2023.


[08.09.2022] From November onwards Marlies Geys will join our group as a PhD student working on the InnoSuisse CHECK project. Marlies received her MSc. degree in Audiology from the University of Leuven and after that, she worked as a clinical audiologist in our hospital for two years. We are happy to have her on our team!


[30.08.2022] Prof. Dr. Christof Roösli received a grant for the project 'Intensiv-Rehabilitation nach Cochlea-Implantation' from the USZ Innovationspool, to enable intensive rehabilitation of cochlear implant recipients within the clinic. 


[27.06.2022] A delegation from our research group attended the MEMRO conference in Boulder, Colorado, where they could exchange ideas with the middle ear mechanics research community. They enjoyed the opportunity to meet in-person again!